SU4: Dry Pub Walk Around BoA *1 place left*

This walk is part of the 2019 Bradford on Avon Walking Festival

Distance: 2 miles
Start Time: 14.00
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Date: Sunday 2nd September
Start Point: War Memorial, Westbury House Gardens BA15 1DE
Walk Cost: £4 / £3
Max. Number: 15



Leader: Alison Reynolds

If you think there are a lot of pubs in Bradford on Avon these days  then you’d be amazed how many there were a century ago. Try to imagine a bustling, small industrial town full of factory and stone mine workers and bargees, all desperate to quench their thirsts after a hard day’s work.

This tour winds around the town, sometimes climbing steps and slopes, to find many of the buildings, now mainly homes, that used to be pubs.  Some we’ll be able to identify by the house name, some simply by the architecture and your eyes will be opened to a whole different side of the town and its history.

It will definitely be thirsty work, so we’ll need to finish up in a local hostelry that is still open!

How to Book

Advance booking is essential for all walks from Tuesday 3rd July.
Bookings are being taken through 'Holidays and Cruises For You', 32 Silver Street, Bradford on Avon BA15 1JX, either in person or by phoning 01225 865725